About the Blog:

A writer evolves with her story, sometimes story becomes the writer and sometimes the story is the writer.

After the success of my book Bra Strap, which is inspired from the true stories of women, I am bringing you another Story through the series of posts.  This blog will discover the journey of a girl Disha(s) across the continents to save her child.  The blog will take you along, What happens when You Raise your Voice? How far her voice will be heard? Is there any country truly for women?

A word of advice from Disha before you read the blog:

Before you start reading my ongoing journal, let me tell you why you should read it?

  • Read it if you are high on the dose of feminism, my journey may bring you face to face with some uncomfortable truths.
  • Read it if you are a man who is fond of your machismo, my struggles and helplessness may give you some momentary pleasure.
  • Read it if you are a follower of Reality TV because I am letting you inside my life and take you along with me through the thick and thin of my journey. Pray along with me as you prayed for that Raju trapped in the abyss of borewell. Pray that I am able to crawl out of this rat hole aka Patriarchal System.
  • Most importantly, read it if you are trapped in an abusive marriage, my journey (though I am not sure whether it will have a fairytale happy ending) may ‘instigate’ you to flee the cage. The decision to end the marriage was easy one but the process was the most difficult and messy one. One may find many do’s and don’ts on the internet and from the wisdom of others, but when on ground most of these advices fall flat in real world. Hope this journal proves a handbook for others.

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